ACES 2021 Full Centre Meeting Video Competition winners announced

July 28, 2021
Sam Findlay

ACES researchers Abdul Moqeet Hai, Dr Holly Hunt and Eileen Wallace, each from the University of Wollongong (UOW), have been recognised as the winners from this year’s ACES Full Centre Meeting Video Competition.



The competition was hosted during last month’s ACES Full Centre Meeting, held both in-person at the UOW and online, with participants tasked to create a two-minute video that best presented their research in a concise and effective way.


Abdul, who also won the 2020 AIIM 3MT Competition and was runner-up at the UOW 2020 3MT Final, was awarded first place in the competition, presenting on ‘Silk Based Electrowritten Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering’ in his video.


Dr Hunt came in at second place for her video on ‘Hydrogels for Wound Healing’ and Eileen at third place, covering her PhD research on ‘Developing a 3D Bioprinting System to Fabrication Full-thickness Skin’.


Each of the entries greatly highlighted the groundbreaking work taking place within ACES across the energy, health and ethics and public policy fields. Congratulations to Abdul, Holly and Eileen – as well as everyone else who entered the competition.


Watch the top three videos below.


1st Place – Abdul Moqeet Hai: Silk Based Electrowritten Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

2nd Place – Dr Holly Hunt: Hydrogels for Wound Healing


3rd Place – Eileen Wallace: Developing a 3D Bioprinting System to Fabrication Full-thickness Skin

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