Legacy and Impact

Our Legacy

Legacy /ˈlɛɡəsi/: “An account of the things that mattered most, the lessons learnt and the values left so you are making a contribution to future generations…”

Since 2005, ACES had a profound impact on the frontiers of electromaterials science and technology. We generated products, technologies and services that address some of the most challenging 21st century global problems in clean energy, sustainable manufacturing and health.

This success is thanks to a closely integrated research program of materials and electromaterials design, modelling, synthesis, additive manufacturing, ethics and public policy considerations, and the ACES network of >300 national and international researchers, commercial partners and partner investigators.

ACES’ groundbreaking research is evidenced by thousands of research papers, more than 20 patents, and translation into a wide range of entities including three spinouts, >100 grants, six research hubs and training centres, six Cooperative Research Centres and projects, as well as state and federal government policy.

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ACES Symposium: The Legacy