Eudaemon Technologies: Next Generation Condoms

June 15, 2021
Sam Findlay

ACES researchers have developed a novel ultra-tough hydrogel condom to promote safe sex in third world countries such as Africa, where condoms are a taboo.

The condom utilises hydrogels developed in conjunction with ACES materials scientists and aims to mimic the feel of skin. The result is a soft, squishy condom that is non-allergenic, for those who are allergic to latex, which blocks viral molecules, bacteria and sperm.


The development of ultra-tough condoms received funding from the prestigious Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to combat unplanned pregnancies and the rise of sexually-transmitted diseases such as HIV in developing countries. In 2018, the project was granted a further $1 Million from the NSW Government’s Medical Devices Fund.


ACES-related next-generation condom technology is currently being commercially rolled out.

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