ACES Technology Showcase: Edge Functionalised Graphene

December 4, 2020
Sam Findlay


Our ACES Technology Showcase featuring our advanced Edge Functionalised Graphene technology. ACES has made a globally recognised contribution to the field of graphene research, and in our latest significant breakthrough we have developed a patented process that allows us to selectively oxidise the edges of graphene sheets in graphite in large scale (edge functionalised graphene).


This EFG material allows the creation of a variety of conductive, binder-free graphene doughs that have the potential for mouldable electrodes, polymer composite development, graphene-supported catalytic systems, battery/supercapacitor anodes and many other applications.


This showcase provides:

  • Insights into the technology;
  • A live demonstration of the EFG material;
  • Interactive Q&A session with ACES Director Prof Gordon Wallace and ACES Electromaterials Theme Leader Prof David Officer.

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