ACES Technology Showcase: CO2 Reduction

November 18, 2020
Sam Findlay


Our ACES Technology Showcase featuring our advanced CO2 Reduction technology.


Electrochemical reduction is a promising clean energy technology, by using electricity from renewables to convert CO2 to achieve a carbon neutral energy cycle. ACES has made a significant contribution to the field of CO2 electroreduction that covers nearly all aspects impacting the carbon electroreduction performance, including:

  • Catalysts allowing targeted reduction reaction with high selectivity and activity;
  • Gas diffusion electrodes overcoming the mass transport limitation of CO2 to enable electrolysis at high current densities;
  • Sea water as an electrolyte for the concurrent electroreduction of CO2 and storage via mineralisation; and – Prototype scalable reactors for industrial application.


This showcase will provides:

  • Insights into the technology from Prof Doug MacFarlane;
  • A live demonstration of the current systems being developed at the University of Wollongong and Monash University;
  • Interactive Q&A session with ACES Director Prof Gordon Wallace, Project Leaders Prof Jie Zhang and A/Prof Caiyun Wang.

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