University of the Third Age gets a lesson in 3D printing

January 2, 2018
Lauren Hood

ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) Additive Fabrication Technician Adam Taylor recently stepped out of the lab to talk about his work to an enthusiastic group of University of the Third Age (U3A) members.

Adam was invited to speak to the Kiama U3A group about key concepts and methods used in a variety of 3D printing techniques and typical materials involved in each process.


His presentation titled ‘from mass customisation to tailor-made biomedical devices – the applications and evolution of Additive Fabrication’, also included discussion about industries where tailored 3D printing solutions may have a huge impact.


“I discussed materials and printer development and their potential effect for a variety of users from surfboard fins to musical instruments and cartilage regeneration, demonstrating that applications for this technology are growing rapidly,” Adam said.


“I also gave the group an overview of dominant styles of 3D printing or additive fabrication and explained the development  from when they were initially created and then went on to explain that when different patents expired, 3D printing was taken up by hobbyists and then industry became more and more interested.”


“The group were really interested in the presentation and I was inundated with questions. It was really rewarding to have the chance to share what we do here and explain the long term applications and future directions.”


Adam also outlined how 3D technology has evolved over the years and the different types of materials that can be used including metal and strong plastics which has led to production of 3D printed jewellery, musical instruments and surfboard fins and discussed the medical applications for 3D printed objects including the biopen for cartilage regeneration.

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